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Grace and Truth Baptist Church is a fundamental independent Baptist church holding to the tenets of the Apostles as believed by the church of the first century.  These tenets are outlined in the statement of faith page found within this site.  If a person should have questions concerning our beliefs I am available at any time to discuss them.  I can be reached by calling the church phone number 540-345-7173.  Pastor Paul Morrow.

We firmly believe that the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ is for “all the world” which includes all people.  No one will be turned away from our church door because of dress, appearance, life style.  We only ask that you come dressed modestly in unrevealing clothing. As the Lord would help you know His will about your personal dress and conduct, we trust that you would allow Him to change your heart and mind concerning what is modest.

We are “mission minded” in our outreach to the world.  At this present time, we support 25 different works both here in the states and around the world.  At least once a month we will have a missionary present in our services keeping the need for outreach world wide before us.

We believe that we should be faithful in our obligations and conduct.  Our church is debt free and we plan to stay that way. We are debtors to the Lord to be faithful to worship him in Spirit and in Truth.  Our teaching and preaching leans heavily upon scripture.  If faith comes by hearing the word of God, then we have an obligation to help you hear the word of God. As a pastor, I am charged with the responsibility to be a helper of your faith and not dictator of your spiritual life.  Jesus Christ is the Lord of the church.  I am your servant for Jesus’ sake.  Pastor Paul Morrow.